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Amy Leung

Like many of my clients, Ultrafit was the result of my insatiable quest to find my ideal gym. I craved a fitness facility that was welcoming, friendly, clean, fun, and most importantly offered unparallel workouts that got serious results. It wasn't until I opened Ultrafit, that I realized a lot of aspiring gym goers were looking for the same thing!

It’s nice to know that others appreciate how we approach fitness. My goal is to personally challenge and support each one of our clients so that they can reach theirs. It’s been a lot of hard work, but seeing our wonderful members gain huge strides in their health and fitness makes every sacrifice worthwhile. Helping someone turn their life around through health and fitness is priceless. I feel so blessed and so proud to be making a difference in all of our members' lives. 

We are so grateful to our clients who have trusted us with their fitness journey and have allowed us to be such a special part of their lives! 

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