Huntington Beach 6 Week Challenge

Get Fit Fast With Our 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge

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Burn fat even after your workout ends and compete your friends to see who can get fit the fastest with our upcoming 6 Week Body Transformation Challenge at UltraFit Bootcamp in Huntington Beach.

We’re pairing our newfound post workout calorie burn program with a group body transformation competition to help clients achieve some of the best results of their lives. At the end of this program, men could lose 30 or more pounds of fat while burning up to 6.5 inches off their waistline while women could lose up to 25 pounds and 4.8 inches from their waistline.

How You Will Get The Most Out Of The UltraFit 6 Week Challenge

Our Huntington Beach clients will see unbelievable results during this 6 Week Challenge with elevated metabolisms for up to 18 hours after each workout. The “after burn” as it’s known, will make you feel like you're getting two workouts in one.

Benefits of the UltraFit 6 Week Challenge include:

  • Massive fat loss
  • Full body toning
  • Belly Flattening
  • AND New lean muscle in your arms, legs, and butt

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To ensure that each participant receives individual attention throughout the 6 Week Challenge, we are capping participation at 18. So don’t hesitate or you might miss out. Simply fill out the short form on the right side of your screen to get started today!

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