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At Ultrafit Bootcamp in Huntington Beach our Boot Camp program provides clients with serious results. Get ready to get in the best shape of our life with a supportive group of coaches and peers who want to see you succeed. After every class you will feel fitter, healthier, and happier than the day before. 

Get a Full Body Workout With Boot Camp In Huntington Beach

This top-notch program will increase your stamina and strength in a matter of weeks. In no time you will see benefits like: Increased flexibility, better coordination, improved cardiovascular health, more energy, a good nights sleep, and a happier life. Some boot camps stick to the same boring routine each session, in our program every Ultrafit Fitness Boot Camp session you attend each week will focus on a different section of the body! 

Bootcamp in Huntington Beach

Monday - Legs, Shoulders & Abs: You will train through intense super sets that will engage your hamstrings, quads, lats, abs, and more!

Tuesday - Back, Triceps & Core: Tuesdays are designed to equip you with rippled backs, defined triceps, and tight cores. 

Wednesday - Cardio Blast: Prepare for an intense calorie burning workout that will get your heart pumping!

Thursday - Chest, Biceps & Core: These days are filled with super setting, arm sculpting and chest blasting exercises that never grow old.

Friday - All About Legs: Work towards powerful, sculpted legs by training through heavy free weight lifting, resistance exercises, and more.

Saturday - Full Body Blast: This fun workout engages your entire body, making for the perfect way to top off an awesome week!

Sunday - Meal Planning Prep Day: Schedule out a healthy, balanced diet that will give you the nutrients you need to make next weeks workouts amazing.

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