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Enjoy a fun, results driven, Group Fitness in Huntington Beach. Get a personalized fitness experience as you train in our clean, modern, loft-style inspired gym with a professional who will give you the push you need to reach your goals. This program is perfect for the individual who wants one-on-one attention, but also likes the accountability and support a group environment offers. 

Group Fitness in Huntington Beach

Goal-Oriented Group Fitness in Huntington Beach

Our Group Fitness program is all about setting an exciting, attainable goal to train toward. By focusing on the end-result you want to achieve you will be motivated to stay on track in every training session. Our experienced trainers work to help clients with goals like:

  • Training for an event/race
  • Hitting a target weight
  • Losing inches (waist)
  • Dropping a jeans size
  • Increasing muscle tone
  • Lifting a new max. weight
  • Recovering from an injury

No matter what your goal is, we can help you reach it! Our Group Fitness classes incorporate all types of functional movements. Together, you, your trainer, and other classmates will come up with a disciplined exercise plan where you will strategize on how to attain a full body workout each week.

Group Fitness in Huntington Beach

Group Fitness at Ultrafit Bootcamp also integrates nutrition counseling. Clean eating is a critical element in reaching weight loss and fitness objectives. That's why we encourage our clients to set aside time for a dedicated meal prep planning day. With the help of your coach you will use this time to arrange healthy, balanced meals to compliment your workout regimen. 

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