UltraFit Boot Camp Success Stories

  • Shaun C., UltraFit Boot Camp Testimonials

    I've been coming here for 8 months now and I am always surprised at the new workouts each day. Mike Cahl puts together a program like nothing I've experienced before. He changes things sometimes slightly and you really feel a difference in the intensity of the workout. If he changes things dramatically you walk out after saying to yourself "I just did that". I've done the gym. I've done crossfit. I've done other bootcamps. This one stands alone with its unique approach to exercise. Always a good group of people there and the place is sanitized regularly.

    Shaun C.
  • Jose C. , UltraFit Boot Camp Testimonials

    This place is legit¡! Great work out great people and lots of encouragement. I love it. My nody feels like im dying but feelin great! Lookin forward to next few months of training.

    Jose C.
  • Shane D., UltraFit Boot Camp Testimonials

    Amy and Mike are amazing partners and run a beautiful gym. The equipment is always being upgraded, the gym is so clean, and the people are so supportive. I literally love everything about this Company. If you want to make gains and improve your physical, and emotional well-being you need to join us at UltraFit.

    Shane D.
  • Scott G. , UltraFit Boot Camp Testimonials

    Great clientele and Mike is a great trainer. This place makes working out fun and you get results.

    Scott G.
  • Ushma P. , UltraFit Boot Camp Testimonials

    I have been going to Ultrafit Bootcamp for almost a year. Mike frequently changes up the workout routine which keeps it both interesting and effective. Love the supportive and upbeat atmosphere!

    Ushma P.
  • Trish G., UltraFit Boot Camp Testimonials

    I go to UltraFit every chance I get on weekends. I drive from Lake Forest and drop in to get one of the best workouts I have ever had. It's never the same workouts and it's always challenging. Mike is the best Coach/Trainer and is always there to make sure you are doing things correctly and really cares about your fitness goals/success. He is 100% dedicated to his members and it shows. Amy is awesome and welcomes me with open arms every time I go. I leave there feeling strong and smashed but I love every bit of it!

    Trish G.
  • Tricia G. , UltraFit Boot Camp Testimonials

    Awesome equipment, great routines and a great trainer! Love this gym!

    Tricia G.
  • Zachary L., UltraFit Boot Camp Testimonials

    Grinding at the gym but your results feel plateaued? Maybe you're just tired of the same workout routines? or maybe your current gym doesn't have that homey feel.

    Whatever the reason, for myself and what seems to be mutual amongst members across the board, I found that something that is unequivocal to the rest at UltraFit. As the reviews prior have stated, cleanliness: never a problem. Community: always a friendly and ambitious environment. Workouts: never a bore. Professionalism: always leaves me in awe how a business can integrate such authenticity and immense structure. Price: for the degree of instruction and time spent with the members, it's unbeatable.

    The grade of workout I will say can be intimidating and strenuous in the beginning, however, Mike comforts you in taking things at your own pace, as the other members will advise newbies the same all while intrinsically motivating you to push yourself. Even if you are already well shaped and suited for the workouts, it is always the best kind of challenge, sometimes prompting those to go multiple times a day. The workout as an entirety runs in hourly intervals, usually beginning with a pre workout stretching or warm up exercise, depending on the day's assigned area of focus. If you put in the work, eat properly (which they've assisted me in before) and go two or three times a week, you will start seeing swift results.

    Having been a member for half of a year now, I use the word authenticity because it's apparent how much time, energy, effort and empathy both Amy & Mike put into their business. I endlessly advocate this bootcamp that at times I feel like a telemarketer nagging my friends and family to join.... People who not only care about you but as well as your health is such a rarity. Thank you amy & mike!!

    Zachary L.
  • Mercedes S. , UltraFit Boot Camp Testimonials

    This is a wonderful gym, down to earth members . My legs are looking killer! Thanks Mike! Best part is I don't have to think about my routine, Mike has it mapped out and everyone can see the results. Awesomeness....

    Mercedes S.
  • Tina K. , UltraFit Boot Camp Testimonials

    This gym and the people in it are so awesome and absolutely inspiring! I have found my big girl playground and my forever home gym!! :) THANK YOU Mike and Amy, you are amazing!!!

    Tina K.
  • If you need a clean, efficient, accountable, professional gym than stop your search right now and march your way right into Ultrafit Bootcamp of Huntington Beach. If you are in a 10 to 20 mile radius of this place, trust me, it's totally worth the time and effort.

    I have been with this gym almost a year and I am so incredibly happy. I look forward to the work out every single day. Now, for me to say that, that means this environment will get some fire under your rear-end. In addition to that, I look and feel more lean.

    Mike and Amy treat everyone, including me like family! In addition to that, the people which attend these classes are incredibly helpful and encouraging.

    I have attended many different bootcamps/crossfit facilities and I appreciate this establishment over any other!

    Danielle S.
  • Damon A. , UltraFit Boot Camp Testimonials

    I've been going to Ultrafit for about four months now and it is the best thing I've done in years. I was having such a hard time staying consistent and motivated with my workouts before I joined Ultrafit. Mike and Amy are great. Mike's a motivator not a slave driver. He keeps things fresh by constantly changes the workouts up so that it never gets easier. The place has a great vibe. No attitudes just good people (from soccer mom to guys who bench 100lbs dumbbells) trying to get better. FYI I have lower back and neck issues so Mike modifies some of the exercises for me. He'll also modify your workouts depending on your fitness level and what you're trying to achieve (adding muscle, losing weight and toning up).

    Damon A.
  • Donna K. , UltraFit Boot Camp Testimonials

    Run! don't walk to this place!  It's Amy and Mike (and Mackie) that make this place over and above anything else out there.  Amy!  Amy greets everyone with a smile and is a wonderful communicator and makes my day. She can even make me smile which is really hard to do in the mornings.  Mike is nothing short of a miracle.  He's positive and makes you believe that you can actually do these amazing things that you never thought you could do. There are no bad days here, ever!   

    If you like positive encouragement, diversity in your workout, creative motivation and powerful results, then this is where you belong.  

    Mike always changes up the workouts so that you don't get stuck or bored.  He is very diligent and passionate about what he does and that comes through in his creative workouts.  Everyone is positive and they show up wanting to be there which makes all the difference!  

    If you've ever wanted to reach your fitness goal, whatever that may be, this is the place to do it.  Mike will take care of you and make sure that you are getting the right workout for your situation.  Oh, and did I mention how sparkling fresh and clean this place is?  Life is too short people! Just get it over with and sign up today.  You can thank me later.

    Donna K.
  • Kristin T. , UltraFit Boot Camp Testimonials

    I was recently down visiting family in Huntington Beach from the Bay Area. I found UltraFit Bootcamp and it became my new favorite place to work out while I'm in town. It started with Amy, who was super friendly and inviting and made walking into a new gym easy. The workout times were convenient and there was something new each day. Mike was motivating and encouraged me to push harder. The other participants were friendly, helpful and encouraging. I would highly recommend Ultrafit!

    Kristin T.


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